Believe in the power of location data and analysis to be in the right place at the right time…

Maptriks has led the development of many innovative services in the industry by combining its experience in banking industry with the services it offers. The analyses with location-based data has supported many companies in the banking industry to efficiently manage their investments and resources, and companies to act more rapidly and reliably in their strategic decisions.
You can use the Maptriks location services in the banking industry in many decisions from choosing locations for branches and ATMs to region-based product objectives.

What kind of solutions does Maptriks offer in banking industry?

Geographical Segmentation, Industrial Classification

Location-Based Banking Potential (Deposits and Loans)

Comparison of Internal and External Branches (Benchmarking)

Branch Efficiency and Profitability

Branch Investments (Optimization and New Branch)

Geocoding and Integration

Corporate and SME Customer Potential

Model for Choosing Location of ATM

Model for Estimating ATM Transactions


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