What is Maptriks Analyser?

It is a web-based application running on the map engine technology that has been developed by Maptriks. Also supported by TUBITAK, this maps engine has made Maptriks Analyser a leading and innovative software offering location-based solutions to companies, and is being used in various industries.

Web-Based & No Installation Required

You do not need any installation to use Maptriks Analyser. You can access it on any computer with internet access, using a username and password via a web browser.


Updated and Living Data

The map, demography and location data in Maptriks Analyser are integrated to the system by Maptriks, and updated periodically.

Fast and Smart Analysis

You can analyze demographical properties down to avenues scale, identify the sites where your target audience is concentrated or measure competition. You can conduct result-oriented analyses via statistical models that have been developed with the experience of Maptriks in the industry.
Maptriks map engine technology produces up to 10 times faster results using the CPU/GPU processor power.


Strong Visualization

You can view your analyses or statistical models developed by Maptriks on a map, in the form of summary reports with high visuality, supported by various easy and readable graphics.

Easy and Multiple Use Support

After receiving the necessary training offered by Maptriks, you can use Maptriks Analyser without requiring any engineering knowledge. You can get Turkish (optionally English) interface support and have multiple-user access with an easy-to-understand and practical menu structure.


Integrated with Your Existing Structure

You can integrate Maptriks Analyser with your existing systems, and customize the software at your company to achieve a more comprehensive use. If you wish, you can host Maptriks Analyser at your own servers.


You can ensure a real-time synchronization between Maptriks Analyser and mobile application, and you can get instant information on the actions of your field teams.


Data Privacy and Authorization

Our servers are hosted at data centers at Tier 2+ standards. With SSL certificates on your exclusive account of Maptriks Analyser, the request and response messages are encrypted. Your data is protected with daily backup.


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