What is Maptriks Mobile?

It is a solution to help you experience the data power of Maptriks as mobile, and get fast and effective results. You can use it on your iOS and Android-based tablets or smart phones.

Easy and Ergonomic Design

User-friendly interface offers a modern design that is easy to learn.


Data Flow from the Field to the Center

With Maptriks Mobile, you can ensure data flow from your location to the center, and thus building in-depth information for business decisions.
Potential locations identified by field teams can be rapidly shared with the executives, and you can monitor the results of your field visit with ease.

Reporting with a Single Button

With the Maptriks Mobile application, you can generate detailed feasibility reports on your location and get information on your location with a single button. You can get information on the sales points in the area, competitor locations, demography and retail concentration.


Discover Your Area

With Maptriks Mobile, you can instantly view the competitor locations in your area, find out various locations and demographic profile in your vicinity, and take actions accordingly.

Updated and Integrated Data

The map, demography and location information in Maptriks Mobile are integrated to the system and periodically updated by Maptriks. Furthermore, the data collected by your field teams (photographs, documents, etc.) are instantly synchronized with Maptriks Analyser.



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