What is Maptriks Route Planner?

Maptriks Route Planner is a service that helps to minimize operational costs and additional charges incurred during product distribution, collection and location visits of companies, thus optimizing the use of resources.

Web-based and no installation required

Maptriks Route Planner is a software that you can use on the web platform, without any hardware costs.


Route Planning Based on Live and Estimated Traffic

We optimize route plans on daily, weekly or monthly basis with the traffic data from Google, thus mitigating unexpected interruptions.

It reduces your costs and enhances productivity

You can plan your field operations with Route Planner to avoid unnecessary costs, and use your limited resources, such as time, fuel and labor, in the most effective way.


Updated base map data and road information

Calculations are based on updated numeric maps with details down to avenues. On our numeric maps, all roads are classified by their types, and indicate speed limits, traffic signs, bridges and traffic.

Multiple Routing on a Single Line

Maptriks Route Planner is capable of calculating daily and weekly routes for multiple vehicles in a short time, using all data criteria and your business constraints.


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