Software Services


Maptriks API

Maptriks Api service addresses to our customers who wish to add map information to their existing software.
Regardless of the application platform (web or mobile), you can integrate the map information to your existing system with Maptriks Api. Thus, you can start using map information without giving up your existing system. Following integration of Api, any maintenance, support and updating services you need are offered by us on 24/7 basis.

Maptriks Address

Maptriks Address is a service which you can integrate to your existing system to standardize the addresses when entering customer data. We update address data across Turkey at certain intervals to ensure our address database grows with accurate and consistent content.
You can have a data infrastructure where you can coordinate your standardized addresses using Maptriks Geocoder, which you can use on all platforms and analyze on geographical basis.


Maptriks SaaS

With Maptriks SaaS service, you can use all software products of Maptriks without any hardware or server investment. This service offers a more cost-efficient solution for our software products than the package programs you purchase.
You can practically use Maptriks software on computers or mobile devices without requiring a high-level performance.


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