Location Insight

To be at the right place at the right time, we give answers to the questions “Where?” and “How?” using the power of location, data and analysis.

Industrial Market Regions

We identify market areas on micro scale for your company, starting from the concentration areas in the industry.


Franchise Optimization

With Maptriks region optimization, we create your sales and activity areas, and help you maximize profitability of sales points in your regions.


With Market Segmentation, we help you to segment your consumers in groups with similar attributes, in order to create marketing strategies that make best use of our company resources.


Market Insight Report

With marketing insight reports, we help you to better identify the market behavior or market access strategy, and prepare a basis to measure your market potential.

Access Area Report

We create customized reports containing access area of a location, its relationship with its surrounding area, and the demographical and spatial data in this access area.



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