About Us

We add value with location data.

Founded in 2009, Maptriks is an information and consultancy company that develops software and models using geographical information systems, and collecting and analyzing industry and demographic data to offer solutions.

Our Mission

We are aware of the potential successes that may emerge when business world meets the location, data and analysis power, and we aim to make this combination and insight the corporate culture of our customers.

Our Vision

To become a globally leading brand by introducing the power of location to the businesses and people around the world.

Since its foundation, we can rapidly visualize millions of data via a versatile mapping software developed by Maptriks for numerous local and global corporations of Turkey and analyze the whole geography in 81 cities on the basis of streets and avenues on micro level for its customers and business partners, thanks to its expert team.

Maptriks develops the high-end technology web-based and mobile applications with its own software team. Thus, users can access the system via any browser, without installing any add-ons or third party applications, to effectively use all functions and access the system from the office and via mobile.


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