Maptriks was founded in 2009 with the goal of combining location and data analytics in the business world. Maptriks has been providing business analytics solutions to its clients in more than 12 industries for over ten years.

With the vision of becoming a pioneering global brand by introducing power of location to businesses and professionals across the world, we are working with more than 100 local and global scale corporate customers and more than 400 brands in Turkey and UK today.

When business world meets with the power of location, data, and analytics, we see the boundless potential for opportunities on the highway to success, and we aim to bake this insight into the corporate culture of our clients.


Start of Partnership with HERE Technologies
Financial Innovation Awards – Winning the Most Innovative Financial Technology Award
Becoming the 501st Tübitak Centre for R&D
Start of Google Cloud Partnership

TUAD membership

Opening of branch office in England

Opening of branch office in the Netherlands

We take strength from location with our experience of more than 10 years in data analytics.

We Develop Breakthrough Applications
We determine industrial needs and develop location based applications on the cloud.
We Combine Location and Analytics
We translate big data into insight. We produce smart models that expose the hidden relations between location and success.
We Serve Location Data
We greatly value data accuracy and freshness and deliver high quality, up-to-date, well-tested, and value-added location data.

Our Team

Gokhan Akan
Managing Partner
Gökhan Akan

Soon after graduating from London Business School, Gökhan Akan took on portfolio management roles at North Asset Management and Soros Fund Management. Between 2011 and 2015, he continued his career as the CFO at Yemeksepeti, of which he was also the cofounder. Since February 2019 Gökhan Akan works at Maptriks as a partner and chairman of the board of directors.

Managing Partner
Fatih Kuralkan

Fatih Kuralkan graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Business. As he returned to Turkey in 2008, he has served as the Board Member of Kuralkan Holdings and Sentim Information Technologies. In 2008, he founded Maptriks.

Fatih Kuralkan
Akgun Karlibel
Akgün Karlıbel

Akgün Karlıbel graduated from Istanbul University School of Business and has predominantly taken office in Turkey’s leading global and local companies in the FMCG industry. Mr. Karlıbel, who has close to 20 years of experience in the industry, joined Maptriks as CEO in April 2019.

Analytics & AI

We are responsible for maintaining value-added data ensuring it’s freshness and reliablability. With the strength drawn from location we take bold steps into the future.

Customer Solutions

Do you need analytical services? All you have to do is contact us. We will stand with you for all your needs and build together.

Data Excellence

We are responsible for maintaining value-added data ensuring it’s freshness and reliablability. With the strength drawn from location we take bold steps into the future.


We strive to create value by establishing the right partnerships between our clients and products.

Product and R&D

We resolve ambiguities and look for answers to unasked questions. We strive to make our products better.

Software & Technology

We improve our infrustructure every day by integrating the latest technologies and strive to provide uninterrupted, fast, and reliable services to our clients.