Case Studies

Planogram Planning
Leading company in FMCG industry

“Which product should be positioned in which grocery and supermarkets? Planogram planning for around 180k sales point.”

Store Site Selection
Global retail company in personal care industry

“Where should the new stores be located? Where are the optimum locations with minimum cost and maximum benefit?”

Sales Territory Mapping
Global FMCG company in UK

“How to visit daily 10000 sales points nationwide with 50 field operation personel?”

Display Value Analysis for Publicity Advertising
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipaity

“What is the value of billboards in different roads? How should billboard fees differ? Where should new billboards be placed?”

Optimum Location Selection for Ambulance Stations
T.C. Ministry of Health

“Where should the ambulance stations be located for the quickest response?”

Route Optimization
Leading company in fast food industry

“How should the products be distributed to the branches daily? What are the routes with minimum cost and maximum benefit?”

Location Based CRM Design
Leading global company in the automotive industry

“Where are existing and potential customers? How to reach potential customers?”

Gaining New Customars
Albarakatürk Bank

“How can field sales teams reach potential customers?” A gamification based award-winning field sales app.