Gaining New Customars

Albarakatürk Bank

Personal sales is to be able to convincing to potential customer for purchasing product, service, idea etc. Personal sales process like face to face communication is more effective then advertisement and other marketing applications.

The fact that, directly contact with the customer at the field is an action that will increase sales. The planning phase of the field sales strategies can be considered as the key stage of the field sales plan and also needs to be well structured and constitutes a large part of the work shift. The first question to be answered is who the potential customers are; the second question is where they live.

We aimed to expand our customer’s portfolio throughout Turkey in 230 branches. For that reason, initially we analyzed the bank’s existing customer base. İn the light of our findings, we determined the potential customer base and where they live. As a result, sales teams have prioritized potential regions and developed “target-oriented” sales strategies.

We have developed a gamification-based mobile application to increase the motivation, performance and efficiency of field sales teams. Gamification-based mobile application allowed to assign tasks from headquarters and also sales teams be able to earned points by completing the tasks assigned to them. As a business outcome, motivation of the field sales team has been increased and efficiency of the field operations has been improved.

Business Value : The project increased the customer acquisition of 230 branch banks. Maptriks received the “Most Innovative Financial Technology Application” award with this Project in 2016 at the Financial Innovation Awards in Europe.