Route Optimization

Leading company in fast food industry

Problem Definition: Fast food chains with numerous branches which have standardized product and service quality need to transfer their products from their production facilities or depots to their branches daily. To manage these field delivery operations efficiently is a business that has to be location based and to be solved via “route planning”. Planning the delivery routes from depots to branches in a scheduled manner becomes important to get the delivery handled timely. The fact that frequent openings and closures of branches in fast food industry makes it mandatory to replan routes in suitable periods.

“In which order of visits should products be delivered to branches? Which is the route with minimum cost and maximum benefit?”

Our aim was to increase efficiency of daily deliveries from production facilities to branches of a global fast food firm. It was not an option to define long term routes because of the rapid branch openings and closures. High number of branches and visit frequencies along with geographically wide responsibility areas of production facilities increased the complexity of computing.

We provided a platform to compute routes dynamically according to the firm’s branch data which can be updated on our web application that is integrated with firm’s branch database. With all branch openings and closures flowing to our platform automatically, our platform generated new routes whenever needed.

Result: The fast food firm that needs to perform daily deliveries from their production facilities to their branches benefited with 18% less travel time and 25% less travel distance.