Geo-Marketing / Automotive

Custumer: Leading Company in Automotive Industry
Project Targets: Generationn of the company’s own customer portfolio, discovering new oppurtunities by sales team and reporting detaily by managers.
Project Definition: A mobile application and a web-based management screen to work on smartphones with IOS and Android operating systems. With this application, the efficiency of the company sales teams and coordination between the teams are provided. Also this application generates an opportunity for field teams to develop their own business.
Phases of Projects:

Developing IOS and Android Based Mobile Application : Maptriks software products have been developed to meet the needs of the company.

Web Tabanlı Raporlama Ekranlarının Geliştirilmesi: Reporting and task assignment modules are developed in Maptriks web based software product.

Generation databases : A data base is created with potential customers and important locations that may affect the sale.

Data Integration to the System: Location based data base is divided into categories and integrated into the system.

Dataların Sisteme Entegrasyonu: Konum bazlı oluşturulan data havuzu kategorize edilerek, mobil uygulama ve web sistemine entegre edilmiştir.

Integration of Users: The user information flow is provided between the internal system of the company and the Maptriks system to ensure data security and to automatically create Firm user accounts.

Education: In order to increase the efficiency of the project, training documents and videos are prepared. Also educational content and training programs are planned for user groups.

Application Usage support and dissemination of the project: A team and communication channels are established to provide inter-team coordination and support. The aim of this team is that approximately 900 company employees can easily use the application and get direct support when there is a problem. Data development will be continued during the update project period.

Results: At the end of the project, access to important information that could directly affect turnover and profitability was provided within seconds. This informations includes market potential, position and development of the firm in the market, customer priorities and customer acquisition etc. critical informations.