MT Expansion / Automotive

Customer: Leading Company in Automotive Sector
Project Targets: Determining the potential areas according to the company’s existing dealer policies.
Project Definition: According to the sales performance data of the existing stores of the company, new store areas were determined and presented to the company as a 2 year growth plan.
Phases of Projects:

Integration: With the integration between SaleForce and Maptriks system, field / dealer sales data are instantly reflected on map and model.

Customer Analysis: Population in Turkey and environmental data were analyzed acccording to the company's target audience. Correlations between dealer sales and demographic and spatial parameters around the dealer were sought. Meaningful ones were included in the model.

Macro scale potential identification: Investment areas and number of stores have been determined according to trade volume and environmental values in the regions.

Micro scale potential identification: In areas with commercial potential, micro market areas were identified and potential store locations were identified on a grid basis.

Results: Improvement in dealer performance tracking, 14% growth in dealer network.