MT Forecast / Insurance

Customer: Leading Company in Insurance
Project Targets: Determination of Turkey’s insurance market potential in 4 year projection.
Project Definition: Estimating the provincial-based potential of insurance products, mainly private pensions, and calculating the market share of the firm in this context for the year 2020.
Phases of Projects:

Data Modeling: Numerous sector-specific statistical data have been provided by Maptriks. These data at different scales were reduced to provincial and district level by the prepared models.

Target Audience Analysis: Target audience matrices have been created for 7 different insurance products by associating the existing product distribution and demographic structure.

Estimation of provincial market potential: Market estimation were made by using provincial demographic criteria (age, working status, marital status, household size, SES, etc.) and competitive data in identified models.

Results: The firm has created the 2017 strategies on this report.