MT Location Analyser / Banking

Customer: A leading company that offers a service partnership in Turkey’s Off-site Atm service and banking sector.
Project Targets: Determining the location for the positioning of bank ATMs in accordance with urban aesthetics and generating analysis and reporting for companies providing operation services.
Project Definition: The Location Analyzer system includes bank ATMs, firm cabin locations and demographic data. The company can transfer the information about the locations to be rented to the banks accurately and quickly with reporting infrastructure generated in the location analyzer.
Phases of Projects:

Customer Analysis : The Company's report content is determined.

Design : The data contents and report formats are designed. Also designed report formats are automated and Report Infrastructure is generated.

Integration : System integration is established between company systems and Location Analyzer. In this way, all data in the database of the Firm are automatically reflected in the reports.

Results: The creation of rental reports is reduced from 3 hours to 5 minutes. The data quality used in the reports increased by 90%.