Penetration Analysis / Technology

Custumer: Technology company that offering software solutions
Project Targets: Identifying the potential customers and their position in the market
Project Definition: The firm’s customers data was mapped with data ” Maptriks Manufacturing Companies ” and potential customers data is identified. Current and Potential customer data are integrated into the Maptriks Location Analyzer system. Also, ınterrogation and analysis can be generation by the company on the map based system.
Phases of Projects:

Data Cleanup and Geocode: The customer data of the company is cleaned and customer addresses are coordinated.

Data Mapping: The firm’s customers data was mapped with data

Data Integration to the System: Existing customers and potential customers are categorized according to sectors and sub-sectors and datas are generated the same format.

Education: Maptriks Location Analyzer users are trained. Workshops are organized to convey the uses and purposes of functions.

Interpretation of Data and Information: Sessions are held with company managers on system usage and information analytics. The exchange of information on the use of existing data in information and strategy planning process is provided.

Results:In order to manage the dealers, current market and sales analyzes are made in a short time. Thus, the strategy planning process is optimized. Market volume is determined by sector and region. By determining the market penetration, the growth potential is determined in the region-province-district-sector detail.