Segmentation / FMCG

Customer: Leading Company in Carbonated Beverage Industry
Project Targets: Identifying the target audience of the company’s channel sales points
Project Definition: Each of the channel sales points of the Firm is segmented according to the social, economic and demographic characteristics of the access areas and the population living in these areas. As a result of all the work, 8 different ‘target segments’ are generation in Turkey.
Phases of Projects:

Data analysis: Access points are determined according to the point types of each sales point. More than 300 criteria of the population living in access areas are analyzed. The criteria associated with each other are determined.

Numerical Modeling According to the data analyzed, numerical model are established by using statistical methods. Target audience segments are formed by using all the data.

Defining Result Segments As a result of numerical modeling, geographical tests and groupings are made and result segments are formed.

Results: Segments are formed according to the target group of the company or firm. The firm’s marketing, product positioning and sales strategies are generated or changed according to this segment.