Shopping Mall Catchment Report

Shopping Mall Insight Report includes series of analysis that supports the process of investment and evaluates current market condition.

You can get an information about demographic status around the shopping mall and evaluate demands in the area. While displaying competitors location, you can get an information about which brand should be together in the shopping mall and how you can create brand attraction.

Access the number of all shopping malls in Turkey by evaluating the potential of any shopping mall site to open most effective malls or stores and avoid costly mistakes. Shopping Mall Insight Report provides which Street has high potential and shows shop mix of streets.

For new Shopping Mall investment decisions, identify your best potential customers and assess the value and opportunity in your property. Also for your existing shopping malls, we can measure in which direction you need to shape your shop mix and identify the brands that fit best to your vacant stores.

Converting your qualify of attraction to customer footprint is possible with Shopping Mall Insight Report.

You can find the answer to the below questions with Shopping Mall Insight Report

What is the brand attraction of the existing shopping mall?
What is the attraction of my shopping mall location?
Which is the success range of my shopping mall compare to others?
What is the competitive capacity of my shopping mall?
What is the coverage size of my shopping mall catchment area?
Which brand should be located in my shopping mall to increase brand attraction?