Discover our customized reports that suit to your business model and satisfy your company’s needs.

Proceed with innovative strategies with our customized reports that are specially designated to your business by Maptriks Professional team. Have future insight for  your business.


Market Insight Report

Maptriks makes you to be confident about making desicions on market entry or market behavior strategies. We provide a map based platform for your company to measure your market potential. “What is my market share?” Learn. More about Market Insight Report…


Catchment Report

Maptriks provides customized reports which include your specific locations’ catchment areas and the relationship between the areas and their environments. Additionally, these reports also include demographic and spatial data within your catchment areas. “Which demographic profile is located around my store or point of sales?” Learn. More about Catchment Report…


Shopping Mall Insight Report

Maptriks evaluates spatial data related to your shopping mall area and provides shopping mall visitors profile studies for you to make an easier investment decision . “Make a plan for your shopping mall leasing and investment strategies from A to Z” Learn. More about Shopping Mall Insight Report…


Location Analysis Report

Maptriks evaluates the commercial potential in the area with the most original and current data.”Which is the most suitable location my new store?” Learn. More about Location Analysis Report…


Expansion Analysis Report

Maptriks prepares reports with analytical approaches for your expansion or downsizing decisions.”In which district should i open- my new store?`` Learn. More about Expansion Analysis Report…


Competition Report

Maptriks follows your competitiveness with the most current and comprehensive data in Turkey and searches your competitors in the market.”What is the situation of my competitors in the market?”Learn. More about Competition Report…

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