Discover strategic locations with high profitability for your new dealers from macro scale to micro scale thanks to the smart solutions provided by Maptriks within the automotive sector.

Gain competitive advantage with guiding location analyzes while planning your long and short-term development strategies.

  • Dealer Network Optimization: By calculating the influence areas of your existing dealers geographically, you can decide in which locations your new dealers should be located. With the opportunity to analyze the most accurate number of dealers and locations you can be effective in in the Turkish market, you can minimize the risk of investing in the wrong locations.

  • Sales Operation Management: You can analyze your sales points on the basis of location and plan your stock according to your sales rates. By channeling the right amount of product to the right locations, you can avoid encountering stock problems. In this way, you can increase the efficiency of your field operations.

  • Market Potential Analysis: You can discover your potential customers thanks to Maptriks’ rich demographic data sets. In the automotive industry, where competition is fierce, you can analyze your competitors’ positioning strategies and take a step ahead by discovering new markets before your competitors.

  • Potential Customer Analysis: Thanks to Maptriks’ automotive-specific models, you can discover where your potential customers live and reach them.