Banking & Finance

Thanks to the smart solutions developed by Maptriks for banking and finance, you can switch to location-based banking. You can comprehensively segment the customer profiles of your branches through location data. You can measure the efficiency and profitability of your branch, in addition, you can identify strategic locations where you can optimize your profitability for your new branches and ATMs.

  • You will be able to find out where your target customer group lives and choose the optimum locations for your new branches and ATMs by making use of Maptriks demographic data sets.

  • Catchment Analysis: Thanks to the catchment analysis, you can determine the geographical area of your branches and ATMs for both pedestrians and vehicles, and measure the competition in this area.

  • Potential Customer Analysis: You will be able to analyze location-based deposit and loan potentials and reach your potential customers with Maptriks’ banking-specific models.

  • Branch Efficiency Analysis: You can perform location-based profitability analysis of your branches and thus optimize your branch network.

  • Industry Tracking Report: You can follow the historical change in the industry.