“How do I increase my customer acquisition rate? How can I manage target-oriented sales strategies?”


1. The current customer base of the bank was analyzed. As a result of the findings obtained, the potential customer group and where the said audience lives were determined.

2. The bank’s sales teams prioritized potential regions and developed “target-oriented” sales strategies accordingly.

3. In cooperation with the commercial marketing department, which is a part of the project, a gamification-based mobile application was developed in order to increase the motivation, performance and efficiency of the field sales teams.

4. Thanks to the developed mobile application, duties were assigned to the field sales teams and representatives from the headquarters. Teams earned points by completing the tasks assigned to them. This provided motivation to field sales teams and increased the efficiency of field operations.


With the application we developed, the bank increased its customer acquisition. Thanks to this project, our company was awarded the “Most Innovative Financial Technology Application” award at the Financial Innovation Awards in Europe in 2016.