Energy & Fuel

Get ahead in the fuel and energy sector, where competition is intense, thanks to our data catalog on the fuel sector.

By using our solutions, you can optimize your station network, choose optimum locations for your new stations, and perform efficiency analysis by tracking the visits of your existing stations. You can also access the sectoral change reports that we periodically monitor..

  • Historical EMRA Report: You can track which stations and when dealer transfers or distributor transfers occur.

  • Station Network Optimization: You can optimize your station network by considering laws and regulations.

  • Fuel & LPG Association Report: Thanks to the report prepared by utilizing Maptriks’ monthly updated fuel database, you can access the products sold at the stations, brand information, operator and license start-end dates.

  • Visit Follow-up and Planning: You can increase the efficiency of field operations by providing coordination between the field and general directorates.

  • Fuel Insight Report: By examining the dynamics of the industry, you can access the insight report that includes spatial analyzes, analyzes in brand detail, analyzes by pump price and sales amount, and brand association analysis.