Enrich your perspective thanks to the Maptriks’ location analytics,. Gain stronger insights by combining location data with other data.

Generate location, product range, pricing, sales policies by perceiving the consumer profile and dynamics in the location. Have consumer-centric business models that leverage your location data..

  • Segmentation: By segmenting your customers and products based on location, you can measure the current market and discover potential markets in addition to this. You can have the opportunity to meet the right product with the right customer by taking advantage of our customized solutions for customer segmentation and product segmentation.

  • Field Operations Management: You can monitor the sales and distribution operations in the field in real time and maximize your efficiency and thus your profitability. Having the opportunity to manage the operation process, which is an important step in the delivery of the products to the customers, on the basis of analytical methods will enable you to gain competitive advantage.

  • Route Planning: Bring your products to sales points as soon as possible by calculating the optimum routes for your field operations. Providing accurate route planning while managing your field operations will enable you to manage the digital supply chain logically. You can manage the process correctly thanks to optimum route planning and optimization, especially in cold chain products and in product groups where competition is intense.

  • Forecasting: With your data library, which is created as a result of analytical methods, you have the opportunity to view your modern or traditional sales points on the map, as well as to analyze the data associated with these points. By creating your sales regions with location-based sales forecasts, you can offer products and solutions that match the dynamics of the region.

  • Space Coverage Analysis: With the Maptriks data library, you can access location-related meaning data of modern and traditional channel sales points. While following a strong expansion policy in the Turkish market, you will also have the power to analyze your coverage rate. In this way, you can correctly base your sales channel goals.