Realize your risk situation planning in matters such as natural disasters and crime by performing spatial analyzes with location data in the insurance sector.

What are our solutions that will add value to your company?

  • Regional Life Insurance Potential: Thanks to Maptriks’ rich demographic data sets, you can reach your potential customers by discovering where your target audience lives.

  • Location Selection: Thanks to the agency location selection model specially developed by Maptriks for insurance companies, you can be located in optimum locations for your insurance agencies.

  • Geocoding & Data Integration: You can coordinate and standardize the addresses of your customers. Thus, you can use address information as a powerful data source in analysis processes.

  • Dynamic Market Trend Analysis: Thanks to the dynamic market trend analysis, you can observe the distribution trend of the trade sector in your location and follow the competition. With this analysis, which allows you to follow the market closely, you can increase your sales by taking one step ahead of your competitors.