“How can we increase efficiency in the process of our field sales operations?”


  1. The company database was combined with Field Manager, a location-based CRM application.
  2. Location information was also included in the company’s customer information.
  3. A map-based mobile application was designed where field sales teams can manage their customer portfolios.
  4. A “check-in” module was also included in the application for sales representatives responsible for different regions. The check-in module has been programmed so that the sales representative can check-in if he is within 50 meters of the point he needs to visit in the area he is responsible for. With the visit form that can be opened when the visit point is approached, it is aimed for the sales representative to enter the customer information in the form and save it in the company database.
  5. Using the task assignment function, team leaders were allowed to assign tasks to sales representatives via the mobile application.


Our customer, which operates in the automotive industry by utilizing the location-based CRM system, has experienced a 24% increase in productivity in field sales operations.