Public Corporation

With the web-based geographic information systems and tools provided by Maptriks to public institutions and organizations, benefit from the power of data while protecting the public interest.

What Are Our Solutions That Will Add Value To Your Company?

  • City Guide: With Maptriks’ web-based city guide solutions, you can standardize your data and also make your city smart through digital transformation.

  • Integration: You can standardize geographic data and/or different databases prepared according to different data standards.

  • Decision Support System: You can make data-oriented decisions thanks to Maptriks decision support systems, which are web-based, do not require installation and update, and can work with many geographic data types.

  • Needs Determination Analysis: You can perform analyzes to determine the insufficient number of equipment in the responsibility areas of local governments, which have the opportunity to be located in public areas.

  • Reinforcement-Based Site Selection Analysis: You can develop different geographical and statistical location selection models within the scope of many facilities such as nurseries, parks, cultural facilities, and ensure that they are located in the most correct place within the built environment.

  • Advertising Value Analysis: Within the scope of determining the value of roads and related point data in the municipality’s responsibility area, you can produce solutions through models using statistical and geographical methods.

  • Real Estate Fair Value Analysis: You can benefit from our statistical and geographical methods methods within the scope of determining the real estate fair value of residences and workplaces in the municipality’s responsibility area.

  • Commercial Value Analysis: You can determine the value of commercial streets residing in the municipality’s responsibility area.

  • Feasibility Report: You can access the detailed location feasibility report, which does not obtain the demographic and socio-economic structure of the people living in the vicinity of a land of interest, as well as the numerical information of retail brands and important institutions, but is fed from useful and up-to-date information.

  • Sector Needs Report: You can access the needs report, which analyzes which sectors to focus on and which ones are needed within the scope of all districts and neighborhoods in the area of responsibility.

  • Investment Guide Report: You can have a detailed investment guide report that depicts the investment potential within the scope of districts and provinces in the area of responsibility with a special format for investors.

  • TAPDK (Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority) Report: You can view the businesses with a Tapdk license and the regions where Tapdk license cannot be obtained on the map or access them as a report.

  • Lead&Sales Manager: You can increase the efficiency of field personnel working in local governments in field controls with our “Lead & Sales Manager” product.

  • Route Optimization: With “Route Optimization” solution, you can enable field personnel working in local governments to reach the institutions to be visited with optimum fuel in a minimum time.

  • Neighborhood Scorecard: You can access summary reports that can be produced for all neighborhoods under the responsibility of the municipality, giving information about the demographic characteristics, socio-cultural structure of the citizens living in the neighborhood and the equipment in the neighborhood.