Real Estate

Make real estate decisions using smart solutions such as data-driven feasibility and investment reports, marketing reports, best use analyzes and catchment analysis.

Develop environmentally friendly and qualified projects in the most appropriate location thanks to Maptriks solutions.

  • Shopping Mall Investment Report: You can direct your investment and valuation decisions by making use of the shopping mall investment reports, which contain detailed information about the access and service areas of shopping centers, the brands in them and the demographic structure around them.

  • Mall Brand Mix Analysis: You can use brand mix analysis to bring suitable brands to target customers. In this way, you can analyze the brand mix and sectoral distribution in shopping malls. In the light of these analysis results, you will also have the opportunity to determine the brands that will be located in the shopping center.

  • Best-use Analysis: You can test efficiency with “Best-use analysis” before developing a project in a location of your choice. In this way, you will have the opportunity to test the most suitable way of use for the location in the light of analytical data.

  • Catchment Analysis: You can determine the service areas of the locations by calculating the accessibility of the points you will choose for pedestrians, vehicles or motors. As it is a detailed analysis based on the actual distance, you will have access to a service area information that fully reflects the reality.