Use Maptriks’ segmentation solutions to better define your business strategies and increase your brand’s position power.

Although there are many types of segmentation, the most common types are market, customer and product segmentation. Location-based segmentation, Maptriks’ specialty, takes geography and location into account to segment consumers or the market. Customers or the market can be segmented by considering factors such as consumers’ living spaces, working areas, and economic geography of the market. A data is created that can be used as the most basic input for any location-based decision.

  • Demographic Segmentation: Demographic segmentation is the segmentation performed on the basis of demographic parameters such as age, gender, income status, ethnicity, educational status.
  • Store Segmentation: It segments your store according to its location, environmental criteria and needs.
  • Location-Based Segmentation: Location-based segmentation is segmentation that takes into account geographic data, in addition to other data types, in order to segment consumers and/or the market.