Planogram Planning – FMCG

“Which product groups should we position at which point in terms of 180 000 grocery stores and markets?”

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Maptriks - Şube Yer Seçimi

Branch Location Selection – Cosmetics & Care

“Where should the new stores be located? Where are the optimum locations with minimum cost and maximum benefit?”

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Maptriks - Reklam Değer Analizi

Advertising Value Analysis – Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

“What is the value of billboards located in different arteries? How should advertising media areas be classified and evaluated? Where should new advertising channels be placed?”

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Maptriks - Optimum Lokasyon Seçimi

Optimum Location Selection – T.C. Ministry of Health

“Where should I locate Ambulance stations for immediate response in emergencies?”

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Maptriks - Rota Optimizasyonu Yeme İçme

Route Optimization – Food & Beverage

“Which routes should I use to distribute my products to the branches on a daily basis? How do I identify routes that provide minimum cost and maximum benefit?”

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Maptriks - Satış Faaliyetlerinin Optimizasyonu

Optimization of Sales Activities – Automotive

“How can we increase efficiency in our field sales operations?”

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Maptriks - Müşteri Kazanımı

Customer Acquisition – Finance

“How do I increase my customer acquisition rate? How can I manage target-oriented sales strategies?”

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Maptriks - FMCG

Point Segmentation – FMCG

“Which brand should I position at what point?”

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Maptriks - Şube Optimizasyonu

Branch Optimization and Location Selection – Market

“How can I reduce branch closing rates in a fast growth trend?”

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Maptriks - Yer Seçimi

Site Management and Station Location Selection – Fuel

“Is it possible to have a digital management that will carry out the analysis processes of the field team organization and stations?”

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Maptriks - Esnaf Bilgi Sistemi

Tradesmen Information System – Ministry of Commerce

“Can an integrated GIS application be established in which all kinds of business and transactions that tradesmen need are carried out online in electronic environment?”

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Maptriks - Büyüme Stratejisi

Growth Strategy – Market

“Can a market location selection analysis be made taking into account TAPDK prohibited areas?”

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Maptriks - Nokta Zenginleştirme

Route Optimization and Point Enrichment – FMCG

“Can I optimize my sales regions, route days, route route using my turnover data?”

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Maptriks - Ürün Konumlandırma

Product Positioning – FMCG

“What are the best locations for the sale of our new product in London?”

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Maptriks - Rota Optimizasyonu

Route Optimization – FMCG

“Can we create rut zones in the UK to reduce field operational costs?”

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Maptriks - Satış Bölgeleri Optimizasyonu

Sales Regions Optimization – FMCG

“How can I distribute to 10,000 sales points across London with 50 field operations officers on a daily basis?”

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