Location Analysis Report

Location Analysis Report is a feasibility study that evaluates all parameters related to location. You can plan the investment decisions for your new business location by the data included in the report. The Report has more than 350 demographics parameters and important locations information around your store. At the same time viewing competitors’ locations is an advantage to turn the power of the location into profitability. You can get the important data for your brand from the street scale to the regional scale in terms of increasing efficiency.

You can find the answer to the below questions with Location Analysis Report

What are the important locations around my stores?
Where are the right locations for my new store?
What is my existing store effectiveness?
What is the cannibalism effect on my stores?
Where are the competitors?
What are the accessibility index and attraction index of my store?
Who lives around my stores?
Mağaza erişim alanım içerisindeki demografi nasıl?