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MT Expansion Manager

Manage your investment strategies.
Macro-level Approach
Especially for brands that recently arrived in Turkey, with the help of MT Expansion Manager, you can determine which provinces these brands will have the highest potential. 
Micro-level Approaches
You can use MT Expansion Manager to make your site selection decisions on a microscale. You can access the street-based or grid-based results. You only need to find a suitable place for your branch in the street and grid areas offered because of Expansion.  
Find Your Target Audience
You can determine your target audience by using the information of your current locations, and you can increase your turnover by being in the right location where it would be more convenient to the customers that prefer you.  
Increase Your Turnover
With MT Expansion Manager, you can close your existing locations where your turnover is low, and you can be in locations with higher turnover expectations. You can increase your turnover by making better location choices for your company. 
With MT Expansion Manager, you can make decisions that will guide your company’s development and investment strategies. You can make macro-scaled and micro-scaled decisions with our product, which will help you in branch opening or closing decisions. You can manage your location-based decisions from the province, district, neighbourhood detail to grid, street, and shopping mall areas detail. You can support our MT Expansion Manager product with Maptriks consulting products and enjoy our expert team.
Find the answers to the following questions
Am I in the right location?
Where should my new branches be?
Which provinces should I spread to?
Where is my target audience?
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