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MT Geocoder

Convert adress data into coordinates with high precision
Analyse Adress Data
You can use the address information of your locations by separating them into province, district, neighbourhood and street information. 
Standardize Your Addresses
You can correct spelling errors in the address information of your locations and bring them to a standard format. 
You can access current and correct coordinates by MT Geocoder for your point groups that have continuous address flow, integrate these points that have coordinates with other products of Maptriks and get the opportunity to make analyses. 
Examine the Precision of Coordinates
You can examine the accuracy of coordinate information produced from address information. You can see the coordinate status of your addresses in details such as street/door number. According to this, you can smooth your addresses. 
MT Geocoder
MT Geocoder is an artificial intelligence product which digitizes the address information in your company database by separating it into sections in the detail of province, district, neighbourhood, street and door number and convert them into coordinates. You can standardize your addresses in the desired level and format. This way you can geographically analyze the address information and position it on map. You can obtain important information that would allow you to make geographical analytics thanks to the coordinates that you have obtained.
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Can I convert my location addresses into coordinates?
Can I integrate coordinated data into the map?
Can I standardize my address data?
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