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MT Marketing

Manage Your Campaign and Marketing Activities and Increase Your Profitability!
Target Marketing
Improve campaigns and marketing activities for target groups by segmenting the audiences.
A Socio-Economic Perspective in Social Media
You can evaluate the reflections of your social media campaigns on the map. 
Manage Marketing Activities
You can manage your marketing activities based on location by using Maptriks‘ point and demographic data. 
With MT Geo marketing, you can evaluate marketing investment feedbacks and plan your activities. You can also use the power of social media while making your marketing activities and campaigns. With the advanced analyses you will make, you can direct your marketing strategies by using the power of the location. You can analyse your marketing investment status and advertising campaigns before they are created and follow the impacts of the results on the map. You can segment the market and customers geographically by using Maptriks‘ rich demographic data set.
Find the answers to the following questions
Can I view analyses of my marketing activities and campaigns geographically?
Can I identify the regions where I will manage my campaigns through market and customer segmentation?
Can I integrate the power of social media with Maptriks‘ location-based system?
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