MT Sales Analytics

Analyze Your Sales Performance by Location! Measure Your Marketing Activities!
Evaluate Sales Performance
You can achieve meaningful results by analysing the individual evaluations of the sales points at the macro level. You can manage your investments accordingly. 
Compare Performances
You can compare the performances of your sales points. You can identify the causes of poor performance because of analyse and determine your strategy to increase. 
Follow New Opportunities
You can identify potential locations by observing locations that have high sales performances. 
Analyze Your Sales Campaigns
You can analyze the impact of sales campaigns on sales points by comparing the before and after situations. 
With Sales Analytics, you can manage micro-level sales data on a macro scale. In this way, you can plan your budget. You can analyse the results of sales campaigns and develop new strategies for sales by taking advantage of new opportunities. You can measure the performance of your different sales points and compare the points according to the industrial and demographic profile around them.
Find the answers to the following questions
How can I evaluate my sales performance?
Can I analyse the sales campaign results?
Can I compare the performances of different sales points?
How does the industrial and demographic profile around sales points affect my sales?
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