Local and National Software Providing GIS Support to the Public Industry from Maptriks!
Facility Location Selection
You can ensure the most beneficial facility position under the density of the citizens and regulations. 
Site Selection for Public Investments
When choosing a location for public investments such as cultural facilities, you can use MT Kardes strengthened with artificial intelligence models. 
Catchment Area Analysis
You can calculate access areas in different service facilities and improve the infrastructure systems in these areas. 

You can transfer public structure status information to MT Kardes with database integration in your organization and use this data in analyses our expert team would perform that. 

Feasibility Reports
You can generate feasibility reports suitable for purpose and varying, which are made by analyses based on data from your database, demographic and point-based data.
Up to Date Data
The studies you made with demographic and point-based data sets that are updated periodically and the map base will be at your service with the assurance of Maptriks. 
MT Kardes is a GIS-based decision support and reporting system that can be integrated with Maptriks‘ consulting products, where investment strategies can be managed by public institutions and organizations.
The locations of the public institutions can be determined, and it can make the current situation analysis under the needs. Demographic and spatial data can be used for advanced analyses and reports. With the Decision Support Module, you can guide your top and mid-scale site selection choices. Using the demographic and environmental data with the modelling feature, you can select places at optimal locations for institutions and facilities. You can easily integrate your organization’s database with KarDes. 
Find the answers of the following questions
How can I make my facility area investments beneficial to citizens?
Where should new public investments be?
Can I learn which demographic profiles are located where for public benefit?
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