We develop and improve our values further through our partnership with Google Maps.

Develop your abilities with Google Maps Platform. Experience a perfect location with real-time analysis. Add value to your business by using the power of location. Maptriks is ready to support you for all your needs involving Google Maps.

We offer high quality service by combining our industrial know-how about maps and location analytics with Google Maps products.
Our Advantages
  • We are able to support you to provide the dynamic structure you need in online platforms.
  • We increase your efficiency with our solution proposals specific to your industry.
  • We help you to determine the needs of your brand with our experienced product and business development team.
  • We allow your brand to catch the trends in map technologies.
  • We provide uninterrupted technical support with our team of experts.

Discover the Products.


Create a customized map experience that bring the real world in front of users with static and dynamic maps, Street View images and 360-degree views.


Help users find the best way to reach their destination backed with detailed navigational data and real-time traffic information.



Help users explore the world with rich location data from over 100 million places. Use the phone number, address and real-time signals to help them find the places they are looking for.

1 Billion Monthly Active Users
Perform secure scaling supported by our infrastructure.
25 Million Daily Updates
Fast and easy access to accurate and real-time location data.
99% Coverage Rate Across the World
Enchance your development with reliable, comprehensive data from over 200 countries and territories.
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