MT Franchise

Plan your business service areas with top efficiency.
Service Area Analysis
MT Franchise allows users to calculate the delivery service area of their branches for specific times and distances. It helps business owners while choosing a location.
Branch Optimisation
You can identify potential areas that you do not serve by calculating optimum service areas of your branches. Thus, you can locate your new branches at potential locations.
Demographic Querying
You can make spatial queries about the demographic structure of the population living in the service area to serve your customers better.
Technology has made ordering easy and quick. People order things much more these days. Home delivery can create enormous growth in revenue and brand awareness. Business owners have to consider home delivery service areas to serve better and make a higher profit. MT Franchise allows calculating the optimum service area for each point of branches. Besides, it allows determining the target audience of a branch by demographic queries.
Find the answers to the following questions
What is the geographical service area size of my branch?
What are the demographic characteristics of people living in the service area of my branch?
How sales regions of my branches can be distributed with top efficiency?
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