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MT Lead & Sales Manager

Manage Your Field Teams’ Programs, Track Visiting Points from the Map, Keep Team Performance High!
Assign Tasks to Sales Representatives
With MT Lead & Sales Manager, you can assign visit points to your sales representatives on the field. When making these assignments, you can identify existing and potential customers based on their proximity to the sales representative. 
Ask Managers Instant Questions
You can ensure the most accurate service to visiting customers with instant questions and answers between the sales representative and manager. 
Check-in at Visit Points
Field sales representatives can check-in as soon as they reach the specified distance border to the locations they should visit. Thus, it can be followed whether or not the visit was actually made. 
Make Time Planning
Sales representatives can make daily/weekly/monthly business plans according to the assigned jobs. It automatically adds locations that must be visited at specific periods in the business plan. 
Report Sales Visits
You can generate reports that include all actions on-site sales visits. 
Accessible Mobile System
Mobile system can be used with no time or distance limitation so you can have a product accessible at all times. 
MT Lead & Sales Manager
MT Lead & Sales Manager allows you to see your potential customers on the map with contact information processed. Thanks to its location-based intelligent distribution algorithm, you can view instant updates on this mobile and web-based product. With our product, which is a great benefit for field sales representatives and managers, the points assigned to the field sales staff and potential points that they have identified can be followed on the map and they can plan visits according to calendars. With the check-in module, you can be 100% sure whether or not the locations have been visited. In this way, managers, instead of other methods difficult to follow, have a product where they see the schedule of sales staff instantly, direct them and improve the performance of the field team by using reward modules.
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