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MT Location Analyser

Analyse locations, create maps & reports!
You can convert addresses into coordinates, define quantitative and verbal information to a specific point using MT Location Analyser.
You can analyse demographic information and brand groups related to your company using MT Location Analyser through quantitative and verbal information defined to your locations. 
Get Reports
MT Location Analyser allows you to create template reports by standardizing your selected methods of analysing location. You can also get reports with ease by using these templates. 
Create Thematic Maps
You can create thematic maps with MT Location Analyser in order to evaluate your own locations. You can build these thematic maps using demographic data sets, point based data and quantitative-verbal information of your point-based data. 
User Friendly
You can quickly access the tools you need and easily gain the output with MT Location Analyser where its user experience is improving each day. 
Secure System
MT Location Analyser provides you to store your data in a secure environment with Maptriks Guarantee. 
With Location Analyser, you can access summary reports, designed to evaluate your location, at once. You can add locations that you want to analyse, points within the access area of these locations, and question the demographic information of living populations. You can draw geographical areas which you want to obtain information and make your queries within these areas. You can create thematic maps in the administrative regions detail, according to the demographic parameters you specify.
Find the answers to the following questions
Can I access summary information of my candidate location quickly?
Where are the regions that carry a potential for my candidate location?
Can I create my reports within the criteria that I’ve defined?
Can I create province/district/neighbourhood/region type maps and make analyses within the criteria I set?
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