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MT Route Manager

Create the Best Routes for Your Strategies!
Plan routes
With MT Route Manager, you can create routes to visit your sales or service points. You can optimize these routes to save time and distance.
Optimise Routes
You can use Maptriks tools to optimize your existing routes. Thus, you can complete your routes by spending the optimal time and distance that would help you make a profit. 
Schedule Point Visits
By using the frequency information of the points, you can determine which day and time you will go to the points you should visit. You can prevent the problems that you will encounter with the points you do not go through the routes with the help of artificial intelligence.
With MT Route Manager, you can create optimal routes for your sales and service visits; by using information such as distance, visit purpose and frequency. You can optimize routes by considering road conditions such as the traffic situation, vehicle type, working hours, and no entry/toll road. By optimizing routes, you can save in distance, time, and the number of employees.
You can easily get to the destinations using the ‘’get directions feature’’ on the edited routes. 
You can integrate new route plans to an existing system.
Road Conditions
With MT Route Manager, you can plan your routes in the most accurate way using the most reliable route information and associated road types. 
Find the answers to the following questions
Which route is more helpful in terms of distance and time?
Can I create a weekly/monthly/annually itinerary program based on frequency information?
How often and by using which routes should I visit my sales/service points?
Have a look at the industries where you can use MT Route Manager.

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