Manage the investment strategies of your administration!

MT Kar-Des is an analysis and decision support system developed to determine the investment strategies of public institutions with its data and technology infrastructure. MT Kar-Des, a national/local GIS software, is a product that can be effectively used by municipalities, espacially in the planning of public services and in the establishment of smart urban infrastructure.

With Kar-des, management’s data can be correlated and synthesized with environmental data and need analysis for public investments can be created. In this way, site selection decisions that go from top scale planning to micro area planning are supported.

Key Features

Installation is not required. Web based.

It is a GIS software produced using local resources.

Opens to usage together with many data contained in Maptriks database.

It can be integrated with any database and vector data type.

It can be used in field management and audit activities.

Offers corporate informing panel to municipalities With City Guide Attachment.

Contains more than 300 neighborhood-based demographic data.

Maptriks GIS Engine offers up to 10 times faster performance than GPU technology counterparts.

Supports public investment plans and site selection decisions that go from macro scale to micro scale.