Geo Viewer 350

Display your location based data and reports.

“MT Geo Viewer is a map based application that provides detailed point
information to the user. With MT Geo Viewer, you can easily display point informations (such as customer points, competitor points, surrounding valuable trade areas and important locations) and datas that added by Maptriks. You may have information about the points in the areas you specify, and you can display these points quickly and easily. You can direct spatial decisions that you will take with the knowledge you have gained by knowing the area better.”

Key Features

Ability to visualize your address-based data on map

Ability to visualize points according to additional information such as density, point data and sales amount

Access and display of Maptriks point database

Ability to visualize the demographic and socio-economic data of Turkey

Displaying and evaluation options of Maptriks consulting products on location

Ability to integrate with different products (MT Geocoder, MT Route Manager etc.)