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Location-Based Marketing

It helps you to direct your marketing activities by analyzing which products are better sold with which target audience, on the basis of a classification of sales points according to geographical locations, surrounding demographic and socio-economic criteria. Thus, you can optimize product distribution to improve your profitability.

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Customer Segmentation

It helps you to study the spatial relationship of your existing customers with the store to make predictions for the future on the basis of geographical behavioral models. Thus you can enrich your marketing strategies, and reduce the cost of your marketing operations.

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Hedef Kitleniz Nerede

Where is Your Target Audience

We study the relationship between the success criteria of your stores and the environmental demographics according to existing customer or store information, geographical location and demographic or socio-economic structure to identify the right profile for your success, and thus we help you reach your target audience across Turkey.

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Planning Areas of Activity

We offer you location-based data and analysis support to help you direct your advertising campaigns to the geographically correct regions. We identify the gathering/distribution areas or spaces with more footfall for your target audience. We offer high quality service with quick returns for your campaigning activities.

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Current Market Potential

You can study the aspects of your competitors or your industry on the map, analyze your geographical distribution and penetration in the existing market, and access up-to-date changes in monthly processes.

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Market Reports

We generate monthly industry-based delta reports to help you monitor your competitors and your status in the market. With market reports, you can monitor which branches your competitors have opened or closed in which regions on monthly basis.

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