MT Forecast

With our Market Segmentation solutions, we segment your locations into groups according to consumer with similar attributes in your access area. Thus, we make efficient use of the limited resources of your company, while helping to implement marketing strategies, and offering sustainable commercial advantage to your company with relevant product differentiation strategies. Therefore, we support activities such as store target identification, product-based customization and planning of customer-oriented marketing activities.


With our customer segmentation models, we associate the demographic and socio-economic data in Maptriks database with the CRM data of your customers to ensure location-based segmentation. In addition to classical techniques, we use geographical statistics techniques to offer more effective marketing and sales solutions for companies.


With Maptriks segmentation solutions, you can effective access the right customer with the right products on the basis of your regions, your branches or your stores, while increasing customer/channel efficiency by analyzing the condition of your existing customers to reach your potential customers via the right channel.



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