Reduce your transportation costs, save time!

Manage your sales and service operations with Maptriks’ route optimization solutions.

Route optimisation, which aims to increase the logistic benefits considering the criteria you set according to your sales and service strategies of your enterprise, determines the optimum route by arranging the points which are to be visited in a geographical region. This process takes their purpose and frequency of visit, segment and distance criteria of the point into account. You can determine routes with the highest cost-benefit ratio and optimise your operations with Maptriks’ route optimisation.

In the process of determining the optimum route, a large number of variables are evaluated together and the result is calculated by looking at the cost-benefit ratios from the alternative routes introduced. Various factors such as points to visit and frequency of visits, characteristics and limitations of the vehicles to carry the cargo, characteristics of the cargo to be transported, customer demands and expectations, restrictions on the transportation network (road fees, traffic, road works, etc.) are taken into consideration.

With Maptriks’ route optimization solutions specific to your industry

  • Save time
  • Minimise your logistics, transportation, warehousing and personnel costs
  • Calculate the optimal route according to frequency, visit time and number of vehicles.
Save time. Minimise your logistics, transportation, warehousing and personnel costs.
Benefit-Cost Balance
Variables used in the computation of routes and benefit-cost ratios differ according to the industry and demands.
Large Scale
It is possible to manage your routes on a large scale with Maptriks’ route optimization solutions.
Alternative System
It allows the selection of alternatives by considering the time and financial resources to be spent on all routes to be traveled.

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