Choose the optimum location for you!

Create added value with your investment by choosing the most suitable location for your industry and target audience with Maptriks’ site selection reports.

Location is one of the most critical factors on the path to success for businesses of various scales and industries, including retail, services, wholesale and manufacturing. Studies conducted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in the US also reveal that poor site selection is one of the main reasons for business failure.

There are different site selection criteria for each business. Maptriks determines the most suitable location for you by determining the location selection criteria in macro and micro scale for your business, service and/or product with site selection reports. Maptriks provides that you are one step closer to success by ensuring the right location with site selection reports.

With Maptriks’ selection reports specific to your industry

  • Choose the most strategic location for your brand
  • Get the return on your investment within the shortest time
  • Meet with your potential customers.
We use our current and highly accurate demography data set in our site selection reports to reach your target audience.
Environmental Factors
We assess the compatibility and conformity of the strategic location you will invest with the built environment and aim for maximum efficiency.
We also take into consideration your industry and the competitive environment, when choosing the location to invest in.
Economic Factors
We examine the economic dynamics at the optimum location where you need to invest and aim for maximum profit in the shortest time.

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