The Catchment Area Report

The catchment area is the region where your sales and services spatial demands can be optimized in the area. Catchment area measurements are based on time and distance, vehicle or pedestrian. As well as catchment area is measurable with the company’s impact area.  The Catchment Report presents the relationship between your location and the surrounding area, and submits demographic and spatial data in the access area whose boundaries are determined based on actual road distances.

Also, you can access competitor information, population, socioeconomic status, trade volume and make effective investment decisions. You can extend accessibility beyond distances by analyzing your audience’s purchasing trends to make a difference in regional competition.

You can find the answer to the below questions with Catchment Report

What is the catchment area for my sales and services location?
What is the critical distance and route when I planned distribution network?
How is demographical status in the catchment area?
What is the consumer tendency in the catchment area?