What is Geocoder?

Maptriks Geocoder breaks down your address data into City, Province, District, Neighborhood, Boulevard, Avenue, Street, Postal Code, Block, Building, Flat Number to help in finding its geographical coordinates. Thus you can view your customers and channels on the map, and make faster and more accurate decisions on them.

Fast Address Analysis

With the Geocoder technology developed by Maptriks, your big and complex address data can be geocoded into geographical coordinates in a rapid and accurate way.


Updated Address Database

It is a platform where all city, province, neighborhood, avenue, street and door number data across Turkey are kept up-to-date. Thus, addresses can be accurately coordinated in an up-to-date way.

Integrated with Your Existing Structure

Geocoder can be integrated with the Maptriks Analyser system or your existing internal systems. If you wish, you can geocode your addresses using the Geocoder to be installed on your servers, without sharing these addresses with Maptriks.


Address Standardization and Scoring

With the use of Geocoder, the address database of your customers and channels are standardized. Your existing address data is first cleaned into standard format, and then transferred to Geocoder. The coordinates generated in Geocoder are scored according to their sensitivity.

Analysis and Reporting

When used with Maptriks Analyser, it can help to ensure fast visualization and analysis with demographic and environmental data on the coordinated locations on the map. Other data can be integrated with the coordinated locations, such as turnover, store visit, survey, etc. to ensure detailed reporting on Maptriks Analyser.



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