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Add location factor to your demand and turnover expectations with Maptriks’ forecasting solutions and proceed with more accurate insights.

Forecasting, which is a prediction for future events and situations, constitutes the basis for all business decisions. Forecasting can be utilized in areas of production, inventory, facility, sales, demand, income and growth for enterprises.

Unlike conventional methods, Maptriks takes location into consideration in forecasting and we aim to provide the most accurate predictions in our solutions to improve your business.

You can find answers to below questions with Maptriks’ forecasting solutions

  • Which market should I prefer?
  • How much should I produce and which product?
  • At which rates should I distribute my stocks to my branch offices?
  • In which direction is my company growing/should my company grow?
You can forecast the demand of your branch offices.
Product Based Sales Forecasting
You can plan your inventory and stock by predicting which product will be sold in which branch office and how much/many.
You can forecast the turnover of your branch offices by taking location into account.
You can evaluate the capacities, turnover, and demand forecasts of your branch offices together.

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